SANTÉ Realty’s Unique Process

Our Company Process

SANTÉ Realty Investments provides investors with a platform to invest in secure cash-flowing real estate without the hassle of finding, acquiring and managing the day to day operations of the property. Through this platform, SANTÉ Realty enables accredited investors to earn passive income through carefully selected and highly profitable real estate investments.

Here’s how real estate investment works:

Acquisition Advantage™

SANTÉ Acquisition Advantage™ leverages a proprietary nationwide network of 233 real estate brokers to find the best investment opportunities to acquire for our investors. Utilizing this private group enables us to find opportunities that are not available to the general public.

Due Diligence Discovery™

SANTÉ Due Diligence Discovery™ ensures only positive cash flowing properties are accepted. Our underwriting team analyzes 100 properties for every 1 that makes it through this process.

Renovation Refresher™

SANTÉ Renovation Refresher™ utilizes our highly experienced team of renovation experts to provide state of the art community enhancements through innovative renovations giving our residents a refreshed living environment both inside their units and throughout their community.

SANTÉ Asset Management Method™

SANTÉ Asset Management Method™  utilizes our position as an industry leader in property management - handling more than $2.5 billion in assets across several states and 2 countries – to ensure that our assets are well maintained and appreciate in value for years to come.

Investor Cash Flow Maximizer™

SANTÉ Investor Cash Flow Maximizer™ experience in multiple real estate cycles has resulted in our ability to ensure proper reserves, risk management, and financial controls to provide consistent, predictable cash flow to our investors (investors receive maximum cash flow for years to come).

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