About SANTÉ Realty

Company Overview

SANTÉ Realty Investments is the best way for the ultra-affluent to invest in the U.S. real estate market. Our team of commercial real estate investment professionals takes the complexity out of the traditionally challenging concepts of real estate, investments and taxation issues, to provide an easy solution for clients to enjoy the benefits of fixed income investments with minimized risk and the preservation and growth of long-term wealth.

Why We Exist

SANTÉ Realty Investments (SANTÉ, meaning “to your health” in French) was originally founded to drive streamlined real estate investment returns and to help financially support medical treatments for our founder’s daughter, who suffers from Rett Syndrome. Through our development of extremely effective acquisitions, deal structuring and asset management processes, SANTÉ manages numerous highly profitable real estate investment deals and is seeing rapid growth in its client base; while offering greater secured returns to investors and extending our commitment to contribute to global funding of Rett Syndrome therapies, treatments, & ultimately a cure.

What We Offer?

Investments in high-yield, cash-flowing, low risk U.S. Commercial Real Estate for ultra-affluent and accredited investors

An alternative to the typical IRA investment, through Self-Directed IRA investing

Tax advantages for Investors through ownership of real estate without the hassle of managing the real estate

Where We Currently Own Properties

SANTÉ Realty Investments’ asset portfolio is rapidly expanding into strong markets throughout the U.S. Our current assets are located in the following U.S. states:





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